Peacock in Concert at Defqon 2018

Peacock in Concert at Defqon 2018

Peacock in Concert at Defqon 2018

Yo Sietse, it’s Steve (Dr. Peacock), I’ve got great news. I still remember this particular phone call like it was yesterday. I was on my way home, riding my bike and I asked him; great news?! Tell me, what’s up?

With great enthusiasm, he told me: bro, we are performing at the main stage of Defqon.1! I was like: No way?! Steve: Yes, brother we are playing with Peacock in Concert at the Red stage Defqon.1. I was so happy that I forgot that I was on the streets while a big woohoo escaped out of my mouth.

In the last 25 years, I was lucky to perform on various great stages, but this was absolutely a highlight in my career. But most of all I was really happy for Steve. He worked so hard for it, and this was the first reward. It was definitely a great victory for Frenchcore.

I love Defqon, throughout the years I’ve hosted the Black, the Blue, the White and the Gold stage, but never the main stage. In 2017 I played in little role in the Power Hour though, but this was a whole different ballgame. Not only would I perform on the main stage but with Peacock in Concert, a crossover act with classic elements like the violin, piano and an opera singer mixed with stomping Frenchcore beats.

That Sunday around 17.00 it was about to happen. For the first time after Thunderdome 1996, I was nervous as hell. MC Villain introduced us, and Sefa started the intro. Finally, it was my turn to go on stage, and when the crowd responded immediately, I knew we would nail this. When we left the stage people were really emotional, and I need to say I was too. It was one of the best performance ever, and until this day I’m really proud.


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